Friday, August 01, 2008

Greetings from Papua New Guinea (PNG)!

Papua New Guinea is the land of the unexpected.
I was born and raised in central Ohio, USA. I have lived in 6 states and 4 countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Cameroon) before settling down in Ukarumpa, PAPUA NEW GUINEA (PNG) in 1996.

My hobbies are amateur radio, football (soccer) computers & traveling. I have circumnavigate the earth 4 times and have been to 25 different countries.

Happy DXing and 73's,
Jerry - P29ZAD

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

QSL Instructions for P29ZAD

QSL Direct Instructions
  1.  Send all QSL cards to my QSL manager (NI5DX) via the Buro (Bureau) or Direct. (Direct instructions below)
  2. Do NOT send QSL cards direct to me. (Postage is $4.50 USD for a postcard)
  3. Do NOT send QSL cards to the Papua New Guinea Buro. It is no longer in service.
Mail all three required items (listed below) to
NI5DX (His previous call was N5FTR)
Buzz Loeschman

If you are sending your QSL card direct to my QSL manager (NI5DX), you MUST send the following items, or your card will be return via the Buro:
  1. Your QSL card
  2. Self Addressed Envelope (SAE) (Please address the envelope yourself. Do not send your address on a separate slip of paper.)
  3. Sufficient payment for return postage: Sufficient U.S. postage stamps, $2 U.S. "Green Stamps", or an International Reply Coupon (IRC)
Include your email address on your QSL card. This is not required, but if my QSL manager has any questions or problems with your QSL, an email is the easiest and fastest way to contact you.
Buzz (NI5DX) is my QSL manager at his financial expense. If you could add some extra “Green Stamps” to help cover his other QSL costs (QSL cards, labels, buro fee...), I would greatly appreciate it.

eQSL - I upload my log to when I get around to it.
QSL Tips
  1. QSL Tips
  2. QSL Misc
  3. IRC Tips

Sunday, January 01, 2006

My DXpedition Trips

Simberi Island
DATE: 2005 Jan 19-26
IOTA: OC-099 Tabar Islands (Simberi); RARE (10%) (rating at time of activity)
Please write OC-099 on your QSL card


Kranket Island

DATE: 2006 March 17-20
IOTA: OC-258 PNG's Coastal Islands North (Kranket); RARE (9%) (rating at time of activity)

Buka Island
DATE: 2009 Feb 7-26
IOTA: OC-135 Soloman Islands; (25%) (rating at time of activity)
Please write OC-135 on your QSL card


COUNTY: Papua New Guinea

ROVINCE: Eastern Highland Province

"TOWN": Ukarumpa



IOTA: OC-034, New Guinea Island

COORDINATES: E 145 52 / S 06 20

GRID: QI23wq

UTC: +10


ALTITUDE: 5,500 feet (1,670 meters or 1.04 miles)

Nearest Town: Kainantu is north 4.5Km (3 miles)


Click on photos to enlarge.

My Shack

P29ZAD Contact Information

  • Radio Sked: Sorry, but I do not set up radio skeds with stations. Feeling obligated to be on the radio a a set time a frequency takes the fun out of the hobby for me.
  • DXing:  I DX mostly on PSK 31, 62, and 125 on 15 & 20 Metres.  (19:00-21:00 and 9:00-12:00 GMT)

Flag Counter

Other Links

Ukarumpa & Papua New Guinea

Amateur Radio

Application for PNG Amateur Visitor License

  • If you can not get the form from the website, contact Nivot Changei (Mrs.), Licensing Officer, and ask her for the form.
    • Facsimile: (Country code 675) 300-4829
  • The fee was K110 (Kina or about $40USD as of Aug 2007)

DXing Slang

73 Best regards
88 Hugs / Kisses
99 Prayers / Blessings
Antenna Farm A collection of antenna
ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
Antenna Party A gathering of hams to help a fellow ham mount an antenna / tower
Barefoot Transmitting without an amplifier (transceiver only)
Bird Satellite
Boat Anchor Heavy / old radio equipment
Cans Headphones
Clear "I'm done with this frequency and it is free to be used by others" (QRT)
Cloud Warmer An antenna that radiates mostly straight up
DXpedition An organized trip to a remote place to operate ham radio
Elmer An experienced ham who helps / mentors a newcomer
Eyeball Meeting face-to-face meeting with another ham
Gallon Maximum transmitter power authorized for ham
Green Stamp A dollar bill (US) sent with a QSL card
Handle Ham's name
Hi Hi Exclamation
Hollow State Vacuum tube equipment
Homebrew Home made noncommercial radio equipment
IOTA Islands On The Air
Island Hopping Traveling from island to island to DX
IRC International Reply Coupon
Jerry Rig To fix in an unorthodox manner
Junkbox A collection of spare parts
Lid Incompetent, unskilled ham
Long Path The longest transition distance, around the earth, between two stations
OM, Old Man Male, regardless of age / husband
Pile-up Lots of stations calling one station at the same time
Pink Ticket Notice of rule violation
Pond Ocean
Pirate Someone illegally transmitting
Que-so QSO
Rag chew Just talking
Reading The Mail Listening without transmitting
Rig Ham radio equipment
Rock Bound Transmitter using crystals
Shack The room where a radio station is operated from
Tail Gating Transmitting quickly right after another transmission is complete
Short Path The shortest transition distance between two stations
SK, Silent Key A ham who as has died
Skyhook Antenna
Ticket Amateur radio license
Traffic To send a radio message
Wallpaper Awards / certificates
Work Make contact with a ham
XYL Wife (ex-young lady)
YL Female, regardless of age / girlfriend (young lady)
Interference with the signal
I will listen ... (Working Split)
Decrease power / Low power station
Fading signal
QSL Acknowledging receipt / "Roger" / "Yes"
QSO Communicate with
QSY Change frequency
Your Location / My Location
I am signing off
Call station(s) / Good website
I gotta go
QZZ Are you awake / I am sleeping / Bored